25% n-Butyllithium cyclohexane

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25% n-Butyllithium cyclohexane

Product Name: 25% n-Butyllithium cyclohexane

Property : Transparent colorless to yellow liquid
Molecular weight : 64.06
Density : 0.75 g/ml@20°C
Spontaneous combustion nature : Spontaneous combustion

Use :
Organic catalyst

Packing :
5-10000 L/tank, or according to the user.

Transportation :
mail, air transport    Prohibition
shipping       4.2, UN #. 2445
land carriage      4.2, UN #. 2445

Easily to catch fire when exposing, produces flammable gas and corrosive dust. Far away from water, air, oxidized material, heat and spark, prevents reservoirdamage or divulging.

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