N-butyl lithium in hexane

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N-butyl lithium in hexane

Product Name: N-butyl lithium in hexane

Molecular Formula : n-C4H9Li
Appearance : Clear, colorless to yellow solution
Molecular weight : 64.06
Density : 0.68g/ml@20°C
Contained BuLi : 102g/l
Pyrophoricity : Pyrophoric

Application :
Mainly used as catalyst of organic reaction

Packing : According to customer's request

Transportation : 
 Post, parcel, Air Not acceptable
 Sea   Class 4.2, UN No. 2445
 Road,Rail   Class 4.2, UN No. 2445

Caution :
Pyrophoric liquid, can catch fire if exposed to air. Reacts violently with water to give off flammable gases and corrosive dusts. Keep away from water, air, and oxidizing materials. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Protect storage container from leaks and physical damage.

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