copper nanoparticles

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copper nanoparticles

Product Name:copper nanoparticles
20nm particle size of copper nanoparticles below the product in red, protect well, no oxidation (some produced by the surface oxidation of nano-copper powder to black, in fact, have serious surface oxidation, conductivity is poor.
Application of nano-copper areas:
1) The replacement of copper conductive paste with a nano-powders superior performance of precious metal paste, can greatly reduce costs. Conductive paste is widely used in industry production of conductive fabric, conductive sealing tape, conductive adhesive material connected
2) The direct effect of lubricant additives on the mechanical nano-copper metal surface, play a role in repairing the worn surface of the metal. Components due to friction heat is released, the product can be attached to using its nano-properties of the metal surface, the surface of the metal had become smooth and rough, prompting the formation of the protective layer of metal film surface is more rugged, more smooth, in order to achieve extension of the metal parts Life and energy-saving effect.
3) heat transfer to the thermal conductivity of nano-copper-based solution, can be made into nano-fluids, greatly improving the thermal conductivity of the fluid
4) efficient catalyst of copper and its alloys nanoparticles used as catalyst, high efficiency, selectivity, carbon dioxide and hydrogen can be used for methanol synthesis catalyst during the reaction.

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