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About Yttrium

Yttrium, chemical symbol Y. It is the first rare earth metal element to be discovered. It is a grey ferrous metal with ductility. It reacts with hot water and is soluble in dilute acid. Special glass and alloy can be made.Yttrium is a rare earth element.

Yttrium is widely used in industry. It can be used as yttrium phosphor to produce red color on TV screen. It can also be used in some ray filters, superconductors, superalloys and special glasses. Yttrium is resistant to high temperature and corrosion and can be used as cladding material for nuclear fuel. Yttrium and a variety of ammoniacarboxylic complexes can form stable chelates; Nd-containing Yttrium aluminium garnet is an excellent laser material, Yttrium iron garnet is an excellent laser material, Yttrium iron garnet and Yttrium aluminium garnet are new magnetic materials.

The purity of yttrium produced in industry is generally not less than 93.4%. Its main impurities are other rare earth elements with contents of 3.8%, calcium 1.6%, iron 0.05%, copper 0.1%, tantalum or tungsten 1%. It can also produce yttrium with purity not less than 99.8% or more. The main impurity in high purity yttrium is still rare earth element.