3000 mesh Barium Sulate

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3000 mesh Barium Sulate

Product Name: 3000 mesh Barium Sulate

This product is white powder without any taste.Its specific gravity is 4.20.It is chemically inert and insoluble in water,alcohol,or many other solvents,except hot concentrated sulfuric acid. 
This product may be widely used in electronic, plastics, rubber, Paintings, coatings,dye,ceramic,glass,cosmetic,medicament and other industries.It is used as materials for reinforcement,dry_up liquids,thixotrope,thickening, rheology control,matting,filling,anti-blocking,plate-out,abrasive,and so on.
Item                                                       Quality Standard
(Barium Sulfate), %                               ≧   98
(Sulfide), %                                            ≦ 0.004
105· (Volatile at 105),%                     ≦   0.5
(Water-soluble), %                                ≦ 0.39
(Oil Absorption), g/100g                        ≦   15
(Whiteness),  %                                      ≧  92
Total Iron,  %                                           ≦ 0.004
PH Value                                                  6.5—8.5
In  plastics bags with outer paper bags of 25 kilogram net each  

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