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Cubic mesoporous carbon powder

Mesoporous carbon

Cubic mesoporous carbon powder is a new class of non-silicon based mesoporous materials, 2nm < pore size <50nm, with a large specific surface area (up to 2500m2 / g) and pore volume (up to 2.25cm3 / g), very promising in the catalyst carrier Hydrogen storage materials, electrode materials and other aspects have been used in important applications, so they are highly valued. In addition, the electric charge capacity of the electric double layer capacitor material prepared by the mesoporous material is higher than that of the metal oxide particle assembled, and is much higher than the commercially available metal oxide electric double layer capacitor.

Compared with pure mesoporous silicon materials, mesoporous carbon materials exhibit special properties, high specific surface area and high porosity; pore size can be adjusted within a certain range; mesoporous shapes are diverse, pore wall composition, structure and properties Adjustable; high thermal stability and hydrothermal stability can be obtained by optimizing the synthesis conditions; the synthesis is simple, easy to operate, and has no physiological toxicity. Its attractiveness lies in its potential application in the fields of fuel cells, molecular sieves, adsorption, catalytic reactions, and electrochemistry. In recent years, mesoporous materials science has become one of the hot research fields across the world, such as cross-chemistry, physics, materials, biology and other disciplines, and has become an important milestone in the development of materials science.

In addition, the material has an ordered mesoporous pore structure, the pore size is precisely adjustable in the range of 3-10 nm, and the specific surface area is in the range of 500-1500 m2/g. The pore volume is between 0.7 and 1.5 cc/g. Mesoporous carbon materials have high specific surface area and pore volume, as well as good electrical conductivity, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. They are huge in the fields of electrochemical electrode materials, catalyst carriers, column adsorbents, and protein separation. Application prospects.

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