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Cobaltous chloride

Cobaltous chloride

Cobaltous chloride, chemical formula CoCl2. Micro deliquescent, soluble in water, ethanol, ether, acetone and glycerin.

Cobalt chloride is a red monoclinic crystal that is deliquescent. The temperature of 86 ° C, soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, acetone. The cobalt chloride crystal is stable at room temperature, loses crystal water to blue when it is heated, and turns red again in humid air. The aqueous solution is heated or concentrated hydrochloric acid, chloride or organic solvent turns blue.

Cobalt chloride Crystallization at 30 to 45 ° C, weathering and turbidization, heating at 45 to 50 ° C for 4 h to become tetrahydrate, heating to 110 ° C becomes anhydrate. Very weak toxicity.

Use of cobalt chloride:
Used in the manufacture of instruments for the production of barometers, hydrometers, wet and dry indicators, etc.
Used as a colorant in the ceramic industry.
Used in the paint industry to make paint drier.
Used in animal husbandry to configure compound feed.
Used as a beer foam stabilizer in the brewing industry.
Used in the defense industry to manufacture gas hoods.
Used as a catalyst in chemical reactions. It is used for the analysis of zinc by spotting chemistry, haplotypes, and also for the production of hidden ink, cobalt chloride test paper, color-changing silica gel, etc. Also used as an absorbent for ammonia.

It should be noted that cobalt is not radioactive, only medical cobalt-60 is radioactive, so you can use this product with confidence.

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