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About Cuprous oxide

Cuprous,metal oxide

Cuprous oxide is an oxide of monovalent copper. It is a bright red powder solid, almost insoluble in water. It is disproportionated into monovalent copper and copper in acidic solution, and gradually oxidized into black copper oxide in wet air.

Copper oxide can be dissolved in hydrochloric acid to form HCuCl rammer (complex of cuprous chloride), and also in sulfuric acid and nitric acid to form copper sulfate and copper nitrate, respectively.

Cuprous oxide is stable in dry air, but it oxidizes slowly in wet air to form cupric oxide, so it can be used as deoxidizer. In addition, it can be easily reduced to metallic copper by reducing agent. Cuprous oxide is insoluble in water and dissolves easily in alkaline aqueous solution by forming complex with ammonia aqueous solution and concentrated hydrohalic acid.

Cuprous oxide is used in ship bottom antifouling paint (killing low-grade marine animals). It is used as bactericide, colouring agent for ceramics and enamel, red glass staining agent, copper salt, analytical reagent, rectifier electroplating in electrical industry, bactericide for crops and materials for rectifier, etc. Cuprous oxide is also commonly used in the synthesis of organic compounds by catalysts.

Copper oxide is packed in iron drums lined with polyethylene plastic bags. The net weight of each drum is 25kg or 50kg. Cuprous oxide is a highly toxic substance and should be marked as "highly toxic". Store in a dry and well ventilated warehouse and do not mix with oxidants. Containers must be sealed to prevent air contact into copper oxide and reduce the value of use. It should not be mixed with strong acid, alkali and edible goods. When loading and unloading, it should be handled lightly to prevent damage to the packaging. Fire can be extinguished with water, sand and various fire extinguishers.

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