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Copper nitrate

Arsenic-copper,copper alloy

Copper nitrate, chemical formula for copper (NO3) 2, molecular weight 187.56. Blue oblique lamellar crystals. It is deliquescent. Oxygen is released from decomposition at 170 C. Soluble in water and ethanol, almost insoluble in ethyl acetate. The pH of 0.2 mol/L aqueous solution is 4.0. The relative density is 2.05 and the melting point is 114.5 C. It is oxidized and burns and explodes when heated, attacked and rubbed with charcoal, sulphur or other combustible substances.

The properties of hydrated copper nitrate are quite different from that of anhydrous copper nitrate.

Copper nitrate is a nitrate of copper (II) and its chemical formula is copper (NO3) 2. Anhydrous substances and hydrates are blue crystals, but their properties are quite different. Copper nitrate hydrate is often used to demonstrate galvanic cell reactions in schools.

Bright blue anhydrous copper nitrate (copper (NO3) 2) is a volatile solid, sublimated in vacuum. In the gaseous state, the monomer of copper (NO3) 2 is a plane square structure. Each copper atom is connected with four oxygen atoms, and polymerization occurs during condensation.

Thin wood strips soaked in copper nitrate emit emerald green light under the flame, and adding magnesium nitrate produces orange green light.

When copper nitrate is loaded on clay (montmorillonite), it is called Clay Copper Reagent (Claycop), which can be used to oxidize mercaptan to disulfide, convert thial to carbonyl compounds, and nitrate aromatic compounds, so as to avoid environmental pollution caused by the large use of mixed acids. Copper tetraammonium nitrate can be synthesized by reacting with ammonia water.

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