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ferronickel alloy

ferronickel alloy,ferro alloy

The so-called ferronickel alloy, as its name implies, is one of the main components of nickel. Generally, the content of nickel in ferronickel alloy is in the range of 30% - 90%. The performance advantage of Fe-Ni alloy lies in its high permeability, especially in weak and medium magnetic fields. In addition, due to the addition of precious metal nickel, ferronickel alloy has a very small coercivity, processing performance is very good, compared with other alloys, it has better rust resistance. In addition, ferronickel alloys can also obtain very good magnetic properties if they are processed specifically. However, the alloy also has a disadvantage, that is, the cost of production is too high. Because of the elements such as nickel and cobalt, the price of these alloys is generally high, and the thinner the material, the more expensive the price.

Fe-Ni alloy is a kind of low frequency soft magnetic material with high magnetic conductor and low coercivity in weak magnetic field. Early iron-nickel alloys were used in telephone communication. Thereafter, a heat treatment process and vacuum smelting method were adopted to improve the properties of the alloys. Iron-nickel alloy powder metallurgical products are iron-based powder metallurgical structural parts produced by mixing iron powder, nickel powder and graphite powder.

Among them, nickel-copper alloy is a famous Monel alloy with high strength and good plasticity. It has stable chemical performance in the atmosphere below 750 degrees. It is widely used in electrical industry, vacuum tube, chemical industry, medical equipment and marine industry.

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