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Nanometer lithium iron phosphate powder HTLi

Nanometer lithium iron phosphate powder HTLi

Introduction to the Product: The product with the property of greatly improving battery cycle is an important cathode material for batteries when used in electronics lithium battery.
Characteristics of the product:Its average grain size is less than 40 nm, containment more than 150 mAh, and cycle life more than 2000 times. Its property of safety and cycle life which ordinary products are unable to compare with are the most important technical indicators for powder batteries. The single battery won't be exploded or burning when the overcharge achieved to 30V. The lithium ion batteries with high capacity made by cathode material of nanometer lithium iron phosphate is easier to connect .
Technical Index:  
Scope of Application:  

1.Large-scale electric vehicles (electric BUS, electric vehicles, Hybrid vehicles). 
2.Light electric vehicles (motor vehicles, electric bicycle, recreational vehicles, golf

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