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Nanometer bismuth oxide,Nanomaterials

Nanometer bismuth oxide is characterized by high purity, small size, large surface area, high surface activity, low bulk density; insoluble in water, soluble in acid bismuth salt generation. It is easy to be reduced to metal bismuth by hydrogen and hydrocarbons.

Bismuth oxide nanoparticles are used as analytical reagents, bismuth salts and fireproof paper. Bismuth oxide nanoparticles can be widely used in inorganic synthesis, electronic ceramics, chemical reagents and other fields. They are mainly used to manufacture ceramic dielectric capacitors, piezoelectric ceramics, varistors and other electronic ceramic components. Mainly used in chemical industry (such as chemical reagent, bismuth salt manufacturing), glass industry (mainly used for coloring), electronic industry (electronic ceramics, etc.) and other industries (such as fireproof paper manufacturing, nuclear reactor fuel, etc.

Among them, the electronic industry is the most widely used industry of bismuth oxide, mainly used in varistors, thermistors, oxide arresters and picture tubes and other fields.

The packaging of nano bismuth oxide is inert gas anti-static packaging. It should be sealed and stored in dry and cool environment. It should not be exposed to air for a long time. It can prevent moisture agglomeration and affect the dispersibility and use effect.

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