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silver colloids

silver colloids,nano-silver colloids

The particle size of silver in nano-silver colloids is about 10 nm, most of which are less than 10 nm. The unique antibacterial mechanism of nano-silver colloids with the size of 10 nm can kill bacteria directly and quickly. The colloidal stability of silver nanoparticles is good. Concentration of 100-1000ppm, can be diluted after use. Nano-silver colloid is an effective local anti-infective substance, colloidal silver can be used for gynecological disinfection and sterilization.

First of all, nano-silver can promote wound healing, promote the repair and regeneration of damaged cells, remove saprophytic muscle, improve microcirculation of tissue around trauma, effectively activate and promote the growth of tissue cells, accelerate wound healing and reduce scar formation.

Secondly, nano-silver particles are produced by patent technology, with a protective film outside, which can be released gradually in human body, so the antimicrobial effect is lasting.

Finally, nano-silver belongs to non-antibiotic fungicides: nano-silver can kill all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, stronger than antibiotics. The unique antimicrobial mechanism of nano-silver particles of 10 nm size can kill bacteria directly and quickly, and make them lose their reproductive ability. Therefore, the next generation that can not produce drug resistance can effectively avoid repeated attacks and long-term cure caused by drug resistance.

Silver nanoparticles play an extremely important role in the field of microelectronics because of their good conductivity. The surface effect and quantum size effect of silver nanoparticles also have some special applications, such as surface-enhanced Raman applications and medical applications.

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