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ALN nanopowder

nano-aluminium,nano-aluminium nitride

ALN nanopowder prepared by aerosol ablation has high purity, small particle size, large specific surface area and high surface activity. The powders treated by surface modification will not undergo hydrolysis reaction. The oxygen content is very low (< 0.01%) and the thermal insulation performance is very obvious. It is a good insulating filler with high thermal conductivity at present.

ALN nanopowder nitride belongs to diamond-like nitride, which can be stabilized to 2200 C, has high room temperature strength and decreases slowly with the increase of temperature; nano-aluminium nitride powder has good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, theoretical value of thermal conductivity is 340w/mk, similar to copper, and is highly insulated, resistivity 1015, and can withstand high temperature of 1400 degrees, which can greatly improve the conductivity of plastics and silicone rubber. Thermal rate is a good heat shock resistant material and has strong corrosion resistance to molten metal. It is an ideal crucible material for melting and casting pure iron, aluminium or aluminium alloy; nano-aluminium nitride has excellent electrical insulation and dielectric properties; nano-aluminium nitride has good injection moulding properties; used in composite materials, it has good matching with semiconductor silicon, good interfacial compatibility and can improve composite materials. Mechanical properties and thermal and dielectric properties.

ALN nanopowder nitride can be used in crucibles, evaporation boats, protective tubes of thermocouples, high temperature insulators, microwave dielectric materials, high temperature and corrosion resistant structural ceramics and transparent aluminium nitride microwave ceramics for smelting non-ferrous metals and semiconductor materials.

The ALN nanopowder nitride should be packed in inert plastic bags, sealed and stored in dry and cool environment. It is not suitable to expose to air, prevent the oxidation agglomeration caused by dampness, and affect the dispersion performance and use effect.

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