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The main uses of nano-anion powder

Nano-anion powder is elaborately made from natural materials through nanotechnology. Scientific research shows that nano-anion powder is of great help to keep energetic and improve human living environment.The main uses of nano-anion powder are as follows:

(1) The negative ions in the purified air anion powder move in the shape of Z in the air. Moreover, negative charges are conveyed to bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water droplets, and charges are combined with these particles to form spheres and sink, so as to purify the air.

(2) Eliminate indoor odor and harmful gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, ketone, ammonia and other irritating gases volatilized from decoration materials used in indoor decoration process, as well as the sour odor of leftovers in daily life, cigarettes and other harmful odors to

(3) Fabrics processed by negative ion fibers, such as clothes, bed sheets and wallpapers, carpets for interior decoration, or coatings containing negative ion powders, have dual functions of health care and environmental protection. For example, fabrics made from negative ion fibers can eliminate odors in automobiles, purify air, regulate excitation and inhibition of driver's nervous system, and improve cerebral cortex. 

(4) The negative ion powder used in water treatment is added to the filter core of drinking water machine, which can kill bacteria in water, increase dissolved oxygen in water, make bathroom towels with negative ion fibers or be used in bathroom water treatment, accelerate the movement of water molecules, and make ordinary water become active water. Increase energy, easy to remove human dirt, eliminate fatigue. Treatment of water for indoor loading of high-grade green plants Culture can improve the survival rate of plants and shorten the maturity period. Spraying on the leaves of flowers can prolong the fresh-keeping period of flowers by 5-10 times.