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Nanometer iron oxide

Nanometer iron oxide is a multifunctional material. When the size of iron oxide particles is small to nanometer scale (1-100 nm), the number of surface atoms, specific surface area and surface energy of iron oxide particles increase sharply with the decrease of particle size, which shows the characteristics of small size effect, quantum size effect, surface effect and macroscopic quantum tunnel effect. It has good optical properties, magnetic properties and catalytic properties.Nano-iron oxide is a new kind of nano-material with high purity

Nano-iron oxide is a new kind of nano-material with high purity, low impurity content, small particle size, uniform particle size, high resistance to color change at 300 C and good dispersibility. It can be widely used in coatings, paints, inks and chemical materials.Nanometer iron oxide is mainly used in:

1. Iron red is suitable for coloring various plastics, rubber, ceramics and asbestos products because of its heat resistance.

2. Suitable for anti-rust paint, middle and low grade paint. It is suitable for coloring cement products and coloured tiles.

3. Applications in magnetic recording materials: Nano-ferric oxide magnetic materials added to coatings have light weight, good absorption and attenuation of electromagnetic and acoustic waves, and strong absorption, dissipation and shielding effect in mid-infrared band.

Moreover the preparation methods of nanometer iron oxide can be divided into wet and dry methods. The wet method mainly includes hydrothermal method, forced hydrolysis method, gel sol method, colloidal chemical method, microemulsion method and chemical precipitation method. Dry methods include flame thermal decomposition, vapor deposition, low temperature plasma chemical vapor deposition (PCVD), solid phase method and laser thermal decomposition method.