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Tourmaline is also called Tomalin. Tomalin was first discovered in Sri Lanka. People noticed that this gemstone carries electric charge when heated. This phenomenon is called pyroelectric effect, so it is named tourmaline.Tourmaline is a multi-element natural mineral, mainly consists of more than 10 trace elements, such as magnesium, aluminium, iron and boron, which are beneficial to human body. Because it is a polar crystal with special structure, it can produce electrons for a long time, and permanently release air anions and far infrared rays.Tourmaline powder

Tourmaline powder is mainly composed of tourmaline powder, ultrafine tourmaline powder and nanometer tourmaline powder according to its use and particle size. Applicable industries include: environmental protection, cigarettes, coatings, textiles, cosmetics, water purification, air purification, electromagnetic radiation protection, health care products, etc.

Application of tourmaline powder in medicine: tourmaline powder can be made into tourmaline, tourmaline and its production method. It is characterized by the addition of ultrafine tourmaline composite anion powder into the plaster. Its advantages are that it not only retains the original function of plaster, but also has the characteristics of tourmaline emitting far infrared, releasing negative ions, releasing trace elements and remarkable bioelectricity. His release of ultra-high voltage micro-current static electricity can stimulate the affected muscles and nerves, improve local blood circulation, alleviate pain, and promote the metabolism of muscle cells. Electric gypsum consists of mounting material, plaster layer and plaster cover; mounting material is non-woven or knitted fabric; plaster layer is matrix material such as extract of traditional Chinese medicine and negative ion powder added with ultra-fine tourmaline