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what is aluminum powder

Aluminum powder has silver-white metallic luster, so it is commonly known as aluminium-silve powder or silver powder. Its chemical composition is actually "aluminium", not "silver". aluminium silve powder,silver powder

Scaly aluminium powder or aluminium powder paste, also known as aluminium silver powder, aluminium silver paste, silver powder because of its color and luster like silver. There are two types of floating and non-floating. Its good ductility can form continuous aluminium film in the coating, which can cover the pinholes and reduce the permeability. Aluminum powder paint can reflect more than 60% ultraviolet light, and can improve weatherability when used in topcoat. The alkyd heat-resistant paint can withstand high temperature of about 200 ~C, and is often used in organic silicon coatings, with high temperature resistance of up to 600 ~C.

Aluminum powder is mainly used in powder coatings, inks, plastic masterbatches, printing, imitation gold paper, imitation gold cards, gold film, textiles, but in water-based paints and paints with acid and alkali, it will be oxidized and blackened. It is not recommended for applications requiring acid and alkali resistance and combination with rainwater.

In the 1960s, 66 gray aluminium-zinc top coat was made of aluminium powder and zinc powder and applied to the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. The sheet aluminium powder overlaps in the paint film layer and is parallel to the bottom of steel, which can greatly delay the penetration of external corrosion factors.