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what is Manganese powder

Manganese,metal powder

Manganese powder is a kind of chemical substance with water content greater than or equal to 25%, which is a flammable solid. The very fine dust of manganese can cause combustion when it comes into contact with fire source. Hydrogen can be released when it reacts with water or acid, and can be mixed with oxidant to form an explosive mixture.

Metal powders are prepared by electrolysis, atomization and ball milling. All of them are physical changes, so electrolytic manganese is manganese powder.

Electrolytic manganese metal is the main material for manufacturing manganese trioxide. In addition, because of its high purity and few impurities, it is an important alloy element for producing stainless steel, high strength low alloy steel, Al-Mn alloy, copper-manganese alloy and so on. It is also an indispensable raw material for welding rod, ferrite, permanent magnet alloy element, and many manganese salts used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Manganese.

In iron and steel industry, electrolytic manganese metal is also used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer. According to statistics, the average consumption of electrolytic manganese metal per ton of steel is 0.06kg. With the progress of metallurgical technology, high efficiency steel and spray metallurgical technology have been greatly developed. The application of electrolytic manganese powder in metallurgical industry has been increasing day by day, and the consumption has expanded, breaking through the above indicators.