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what is Met Coke powder

Metallurgical coke is a general term for blast furnace coke, foundry coke, iron alloy coke and non-ferrous metal smelting coke. Since more than 90% of metallurgical coke is used in blast furnace ironmaking, blast furnace coke is often referred to as metallurgical coke.

The physical properties of coke include coke sieve composition, coke bulk density, coke true relative density, coke apparent relative density, coke porosity, coke specific heat capacity, coke thermal conductivity, coke thermal stress, coke ignition temperature, coke thermal expansion coefficient, coke shrinkage rate , coke resistivity and coke permeability.

Casting coke is a coke dedicated to molten iron in iron furnaces. Casting coke is the main fuel for molten iron in iron furnaces. Its function is to melt the charge and overheat the molten iron, and the support column maintains its good gas permeability. Therefore, the foundry coke should have the characteristics of large blockiness, low reactivity, small porosity, sufficient impact crushing strength, low ash content and low sulfur content.

Coke obtained from high temperature coking is used for blast furnace smelting, casting and gasification. The recovered and purified coke oven gas produced in the coking process is not only a high calorific value fuel, but also an important organic synthesis industrial raw material.