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What is Nickel oxide

Nickel oxide, chemical formula NiO. It is a common inorganic compound. It is the most stable oxide of nickel. It is a green NiO,Nickel oxidepowder. It is widely used in daily life. It is also used to produce high purity nickel (>99.98%). This product is harmful to human health. It should be protected when contacted. It may cause cancer and sensitization to human body.


The entanglement of the internal structure of nickel oxide causes the carrier to be unable to flow, which results in that nickel oxide is an insulator and does not conduct electricity. In addition, the physical properties of nickel oxide vary with the preparation temperature. With the increase of preparation temperature, the density and resistance of nickel oxide increase, and the solubility and catalytic activity decrease.Nickel oxide is a green powder solid. The melting point is 1980 +20. The density was 6.67g/cm3. It is insoluble in water, alkaline liquor, alkaline oxide, acid and ammonia water.

Nickel oxide is used as an enamel colouring agent and a colour for ceramics and glass. In the production of magnetic materials, it is used to produce nickel-zinc ferrite, nickel salt raw materials, nickel catalysts and in metallurgy and picture tubes. Used as electronic component material, catalyst, enamel coating and battery material.

NiO can also be used for the reduction of nickel, but attention must not be paid to the reduction of NiO with CO under unprotected conditions, because Ni and CO react to form highly toxic volatile nickel tetracarbonyl nickel (CO) 4, which is difficult to detoxify and easy to occur danger.