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About Cadmium oxide

Cadmium,Rare earth oxides

Cadmium oxide is an oxide of cadmium with a molecular formula of CdO, which is carcinogenic. At room temperature, it is a brown-red to brown-black amorphous powder or a cubic crystal fine crystal. Soluble in acid, ammonia and ammonium salts, insoluble in water and alkali. Cadmium oxide is soluble in acid to form Cd[H2O]62+; it is also soluble in alkali to form [Cd(OH)4]2.

Cadmium oxide absorbs carbon dioxide in the air and becomes cadmium carbonate, and its color gradually turns white. Soluble in dilute acid, slowly soluble in ammonium salt, almost insoluble in water. Sublimation is started by heating to 700 °C. The relative density is 8.15. Moderately toxic and carcinogenic.

The field of cadmium oxide application:
Used in the inorganic industry for the preparation of various cadmium salts.
Used in the manufacture of urging agents in organic synthesis.
Used in the electroplating industry to configure copper plating baths.
Used in the battery industry to manufacture electrodes for batteries.
Used in the pigment industry for the manufacture of cadmium pigments in paints, glass, enamels and pottery glazes.
Used in the metallurgical industry to manufacture various alloys such as hard steel alloys, printing alloys, and the like.

It is used in the manufacture of cadmium plating solution, cadmium electrode, phototube, gamma radiography, ceramic glaze pigment, metallurgical industry, and as a raw material and catalyst for the preparation of cadmium salt and cadmium reagent.

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