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Cu - Ni 30% Waffel Alloys

Copper-Nickel alloy,copper alloy

Copper-Nickel alloy is composed of 60% nickel, 33% copper and 6.5% iron. Copper Nickel alloy has good room temperature mechanical properties and high temperature strength, high corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, easy processing, non-magnetic, and is a good structural material for manufacturing traveling wave tubes and other electronic tubes. It can also be used as structural material of aeroengine.

Adding copper to nickel will have a series of effects on various properties of nickel, especially corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and physical properties. Generally, the addition of copper improves the corrosion resistance of nickel in reducing medium, but decreases the corrosion resistance of nickel in oxidizing medium and the oxidation resistance in air; the addition of copper increases the strength, hardness and plasticity of nickel, and decreases slightly; the addition of copper increases the thermal conductivity of nickel.

At high temperature, nickel and copper can dissolve in any proportion and form solid solution during cooling. Copper-Nickel alloys based on nickel and containing a certain amount of copper are a kind of nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys with large dosage and wide application. Although there are many Copper-Nickel alloys, their copper content is generally in the range of 10-30%. As corrosion-resistant alloys, Copper-Nickel alloys containing copper to 28% are more widely used.

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