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Cu – Pi-16% Brocken waffel Alloys

Copper beryllium,Copper alloy,beryllium alloy,

Copper beryllium alloy, also known as beryllium bronze alloy, is the "king of elasticity" of copper alloy. After solution aging heat treatment, products with high strength and high conductivity can be obtained.

High strength cast beryllium bronze alloy has not only high strength, high hardness, but also the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent casting performance after heat treatment. Beryllium bronze alloy is suitable for manufacturing various moulds, explosion-proof safety tools, wear-resistant parts such as cams, gears, worm wheels, bearings and so on.

Beryllium-copper alloy with high conductivity has high conductivity and thermal conductivity after heat treatment. Beryllium-copper alloy is suitable for manufacturing switch parts, strong contact and similar current-carrying components, making resistance welding clamps, electrode materials and plastic moulds, water and electricity continuous caster mould inner sleeve, etc.

Beryllium bronze has good comprehensive properties. Its mechanical properties, such as strength, hardness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance, rank first among copper alloys. Its electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, non-magnetic, spark resistance and other properties can not be compared with other copper materials. The strength and conductivity of beryllium bronze are at the lowest value in the solution soft state. After work hardening, the strength is improved, but the conductivity is still the lowest value. After aging and heat treatment, the strength and conductivity of the alloy increase obviously.

Beryllium in beryllium bronze alloy has a mass percentage of 2%, but an atomic percentage of 9.0122%. Beryllium oxide (BeO) is formed during high temperature operations such as smelting, casting, heat treatment, welding and cutting. Most of beryllium oxide will adhere firmly to the surface of the original workpiece, but in the intense movement such as cutting, polishing, welding and other operations, fine particles (less than 10 um) of dust will be suspended in the air, if the operator inhales excessive, will lead to "beryllium lung" occupational disease. Therefore, the above working environment must have a perfect directional exhaust device. Cutting, polishing and other processes must be carried out in a wet state with coolant.

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