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Cu - Si 30% Brocken waffel. Alloys

Copper-silicon alloy,Copper alloy,silicon alloy

Copper-silicon alloy, also known as silicon bronze, is an alloy of copper and silicon. The structure at room temperature is alpha phase or alpha+gamma phase. Alpha is a solid solution of silicon in copper with a face-centered cubic structure. The maximum solubility of silicon in the alpha phase is 5.2% at 852 ~C. Usually 8% silicon is contained in the alloy, and a small amount of iron and manganese is added. It is easy to process and weld. Corrosion resistance, especially marine corrosion resistance. It is applied in the form of sheet, strip, bar and casting.

In Copper-Silicon alloys, both copper and silicon are refractory elements with high melting point. Therefore, direct smelting process is adopted, which can save a lot of smelting time and reduce fuel and power consumption.

In order to ensure the melting quality of the alloy, it is necessary to test the mechanical properties, chemical composition and metallographic structure of the samples and castings. By direct smelting process, the macro fracture structure of the alloy is fine and uniform, and the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the alloy also meet the requirements of the brand.

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